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RE: dmraid segfault with DDF

>No idea, dmraid detects ddf1 metadata. Is there an option to choose the
Not in dmraid; it just reads the metadata on the disks.  Something else
put the DDF metadata on the disks.  Is there an Adaptec add-in card in
this system?  The OROM puts the metadata on the disks and should be able
to reconfigure.

I have no idea if you can migrate/switch metadata formats with out data
loss.  I don't think it can be done but someone much wiser than I should
speak up if I am wrong.

If you can risk loosing the array set, you could enable the S5000VSA's
onboard RAID support (assuming that there is not an add-in card being
Buried in the BIOS of the S5000VSA is an option to enable RAID.  Select
Advanced -> ATA Controller Configuration -> set On board SATA Controller
as Enabled -> set SATA Mode as Enhanced -> set Configure SATA as RAID as
This just enables the 'Intel RAID option ROM' which can then be used to
create an ISW RAID set.  Then you can use the ISW segfault patch...

>Yes, I noticed this.
>Thanks for the info.
Sorry I couldn't be any more help.  Hopefully someone who knows more
will add to the thread.

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