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RE: Intel ICH8R chipset


Do you know what the future direction is going to be in regards to
having MD features and the ability to use and boot from vendor specific
metadata, like with DMRAID?

We would like to start working toward this goal and would like to get
direction from the community on how to proceed.  

I would appreciate any thoughts you have on this.




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>Rob Arends wrote:
>> Thanks Jason,
>> You omit RAID5 from your comments, does that mean it won't see a
>For a RAID5, you'll need the dm-raid45 module, which isn't in mainline
>yet, much less FC6.  I think Heinz Mauelshagen is still maintaining it.
>> I had setup a RAID 5 set in the BIOS and then booted from the FC6 CD
>> failed at the point where it went to look for existing installations.
>> Changing to IDE (SATA) or AHCI in the BIOS, allowed the install to
>> I just assumed it couldn't handle the ICH8 chipset RAID.
>> I never tried RAID 0 or 1 - as I was not interested in using that
>solution -
>> it never crossed my mind.
>> Currently I'm running Linux SW RAID  ,  but it was not where I wanted
>> Also now that I've learned that BIOS RAID is really SW RAID, is there
>> point in pursuing BIOS RAID via the ICH8?
>> Will I get the same performance one way or the other?
>md is slightly faster than dmraid, and md has better administration
>tools.  BIOS RAID has the slight advantage that you can boot off of it,
>though iirc there are hacks somewhere on the Internet that explain how
>to boot off md.
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