listing drives attached to a particular controller

Gaston, Jason D jason.d.gaston at
Tue Jun 12 21:53:42 UTC 2007

My thinking is that we should allow a user to select any drives they
want when creating an array, even if they are on different controllers.
If someone wants to limit the drive choices, they could write a higher
level UI application to do this checking and limit end user choices;
which would then pass these commands to dmraid.





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>Subject: listing drives attached to a particular controller
>How would you go about listing the hard drives attached to a particular
>controller?  For example, say you have a SCSI controller card w/ drives
>and an onboard SATA RAID controller in your system.  In the future,
>dmraid will have the ability to create a RAID array from the command
>line.  You may want to only add drives to the array that are attached
>the same controller.  Otherwise, when the system boots, the RAID option
>ROM may display the RAID array as broken, as it will only see the
>attached to the single controller.
>Should this functionally be added to the dmraid utility?  Should dmraid
>block or warn about using block devices that are attached to different
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