dmraid -tay "nosync" on an "ok" mirror?

Darrick J. Wong djwong at
Fri Jun 15 00:35:01 UTC 2007

On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 05:21:47PM -0700, Gaston, Jason D wrote:
> With dmraid, why does [dmraid -tay] print ..."nosync" to the screen for
> a mirror?
> Dmraid activate.c checks to see if the status is "inconsistent" or
> "nosync" and if it is neither of those will print "nosync".  If it is
> one of those two, it will print "sync".  In my case the status is
> actually "ok", so it prints "nosync".

The last time I looked,
"nosync" = "no synchronization requested/desired at this time", i.e.
your RAID is consistent.

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