raid10 vs raid01 type in dmraid

Gaston, Jason D jason.d.gaston at
Mon Jun 25 17:18:14 UTC 2007

>Eg, PC Magazine:
>"RAID 10, RAID 100 - Speed and Fault Tolerance
>RAID 10 is RAID 1 + 0. The drives are striped for performance 
>(RAID 0), and all striped drives are duplicated (RAID 1) for 
>fault tolerance."
>Yes, I konw, there's different (aargh!) definitions out there.
>Like I said: the top -> bottom of the stack definition is preferable
>to me (you reach the mirror first and the stripe second while walking
>the stack from the top to the bottom).
>We just got to hold on to one definition in dmraid,

Ok, so the dmraid definition is not going to change.

Do you see an advantage in putting the RAID1 vs. RAID0 on the bottom for
being able to perform rebuilds easier?  I need to decide which way to do
with isw.



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