Intel ICH8R chipset

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Yes very true.  Sorry, case of the Mondays.  I don't know why I was
thinking the drive was physically dead vs working - just corrupt.

This is an area where you'd have to know that it was failing to boot and
manually shift BIOS to boot from the next drive.

Thank you for brining me back into reality!

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On Thursday 01 March 2007 16:43, Hall, Eric R wrote:
> I agree.  BIOS hasn't a clue about the raid configuration.  But in
> regards to md, couldn't an initrd be used to mount "/" on the raid
> the next disk from that raid?
> Once md is loaded at initrd, you would then have access to the raid
> would be able to continue boot.  It'll be in degraded mode, but it
> should boot.  (I could be very wrong though!)

That's not the point.. If there is an error part way through the boot
the BIOS will start reading the dud disk but then not be able to finish.
doubt it will try loading from the other disk..

No matter what, Murphy is there! :)

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