Ali/Uli 528(8|9) BIOSRAID?

Cosimo Guglielmucci Cosimo.Guglielmucci at
Thu Sep 13 11:23:57 UTC 2007

I was going to a simple dmraid -n deva devb
>> One costly approach would be to try retrieving the last Megabyte off of
>> the end of each device in your RAID set plus the size in sectors of each
>> involved device.  BIOS properties for the device woud help to.
I remember something from my school about ioctl() that can help me.
Have you a aimed tool?
Device is a Raptor 74GB, I'm going to search how many bios-es there are 
for it.

>> But this would be just a metadata sample involving painfull reengineering
>> rather than basing a format handler on vendor specs which is the preferred
>> way to go. That's what my quote below was aiming at.
>> Heinz

ALI is just an nVidia branch now. Maybe it's possible to have specs if 
NVraid's one were released.
Thank you.

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