Ataraid-list Digest, Vol 43, Issue 8

Fang, Ying ying.fang at
Thu Sep 27 00:29:15 UTC 2007

Can you provide the output of "dmraid -n" on linux?


>I had a working Windows installation on the RAID0 volume, with 30Gb
>free unpartitioned space to install linux, and a RAID1 volume with
>I booted the mandriva livecd to try it, and dmraid worked after
>"dmraid -ay", I could access the raid volumes. Then I worked in ms
>windows and everything was all right.
>I then booted the opensuse livecd. As the installer did not recognize
>my raid arrays directly, I did "dmraid -ay" in a root terminal, that
>gave me the errors. I then rebooted and the intel raid bios said the
>raid0 failed and the raid1 degraded, so it rebooted to repair and
>finally said the disks were offline.

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