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Fang, Ying ying.fang at
Thu Sep 27 16:16:24 UTC 2007

Hi Tiago,

I'd like to investigate why OROM misunderstood the ISW metadata written
by iMSM. From the below info, OROM failed to detect one hard drive in
the array.

Could you run "dmraid -b" and "dmraid -n" on your system? The first one
shows the current hard drive info and the latter displays the metadata
on disks. Those may give me a clue which hard drive caused the hiccup.

I try to repair your metadata if possible. Please wait for a short time.

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>Date: Wed, 26 Sep 2007 19:34:30 +0100
>From: "Tiago Freitas" <tiago.frt at>
>Subject: Re: isw device for volume broken after opensuse livecd boot
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>Ok, now it's even stanger. I changed the sata cables to other sata
>ports and now the matrix storage manager says I have 4 volumes:
>0  RAID0:1   80Gb       Failed
>1  RAID1:1  109.0Gb   Degraded
>2  RAID0     80Gb        Failed
>3  RAID1     109.0Gb   Degraded
>0     Hitachi        149.1GB     Member Disk(0,1)
>1     Hitachi        149.1GB     Member Disk(2,3)
>While researching I found that with that this "offline member" error
>happens a lot to intel matrix raid users. Some just a few hours after
>setup because of a bad shutdown. What does this mean? Is a UPS needed
>for matrix raid?
>If someone can use the metadata to investigate this, please ask me for
>it until I redo the arrays.

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