isw device for volume broken after opensuse livecd boot

Fang, Ying ying.fang at
Thu Sep 27 22:44:26 UTC 2007

Thanks, Tiago,

If you have backed up data, you can go ahead to rebuild your disks.
Since the rebuilding in iMSM only recovers data in RAID1, you will lose
all data in RAID0. It's not worth to do it.

Regarding OROM, I don't suggest to choose the rebuild option until
you're sure that one disk is broken. In your case, one of your raid
disks wasn't detected during a reboot and OROM told you that RAID0
failed and RAID1 degraded. OROM can fix it if your missing disk
reconnected after another reboot. But if you choose a spare disk for
rebuilding, it's hard for a program to determine which disk's data are
valid. Anyway, I have forwarded your metadata to the OROM team and the
iMSM team. If they come up with some tips, I'll let you know.

I appreciate your help. 


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>The third disk was already in but not part of the array, and I chose
>it to rebuild in OROM bios. As I never did a rebuild before (the pc is
>two weeks old and this is my first raid) I don't know how the process
>is done.
>Should I have chosen one of the array members to rebuild?
>I have all the data backed up in an external disk, I just wanted to
>help fix the bug in OROM because it's weird and may happen again. But
>I can't wait too much time because I will need the pc up and running
>The size difference is really weird too because both disks were
>manufactured in Jully 2007 and have the exact same model...maybe
>that's what triggered the failure?
>I'm gonna test the disks in Hitachi Fitness tool to be sure they are
>On 9/27/07, Fang, Ying <ying.fang at> wrote:
>> Tiago,
>> Eric Hall and I try to reproduce your issue and if we succeed, will
>> a rescue procedure.
>> I'd like to confirm if you put the third disk in and chose to the
>> rebuild option in OROM.
>> I don't know why one disk is smaller than the other. The total sector
>> number is reported to DMRAID by the SCSI device driver. Both DMRAID
>> iMSM take the smallest size for a RAID array if the sizes of an array
>> are different.
>> Thanks,
>> Ying

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