isw device for volume broken after opensuse livecd boot(correction)

Fang, Ying ying.fang at
Fri Sep 28 19:26:49 UTC 2007

Sorry, Tiago. I misread your email regarding the two volumes: RAID0 and

In the following messages:

"Port 1 .. Member disk(0,1)" means that the hard drive attached to port
0 (scsi address: 1:0:0:0) is a member of two RAID arrays (RAID0 and
RAID1) which are defined as RAID id 0 and 1 respetively.

But port 0(scsi address 0:0:0:0) has a hard drive that has a RAID
configuration including the same names of the RAID arrays. 

Because the metadata got messed up, OROM couldn't determine that the
above two hard drives were belong to the same group of disks. In order
to differentiate the names of the RAID volumes from two hard drives, :1
was added in.

>>> >0  RAID0:1   80Gb       Failed
>>> >1  RAID1:1  109.0Gb   Degraded
>>> >2  RAID0     80Gb        Failed
>>> >3  RAID1     109.0Gb   Degraded
>>> >
>>> >Port
>>> >0     Hitachi        149.1GB     Member Disk(0,1)
>>> >1     Hitachi        149.1GB     Member Disk(2,3)

Thanks Eric for pointing out that the OROM display screen doesn't
include the partition information.

I hope that will help you understand those magic numbers. If you have
any questions, let me know.

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>Are you talking about RAID1 and RAID1:1? The first is the RAID device
>the latter is the first partition in that RAID device. If you have more
>than one partition there, you'll get RAID1:2 and so on.

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