dmraid performance tuning?

Anthony Krishock krishock at
Sun Apr 13 15:30:03 UTC 2008

Hello all

First and foremost.. my congratulations. I am running Fedora 8 on my
pre-existing BIOS-created SIL3112 RAID-0 array with Windows XP. I had
previously been required to rely on closed source drivers provided by the
vendor, and would have been stuck at Fedora core 4. Your dmraid module made
it possible to move onto a more recent version. It works great. No errors..
No issues during install.. Nothing. I hope the larger Linux community
recognizes your achievement as the great step forward that it is.

That said.. I have one question. Is it possible to tune a dmraid disk in the
same way that you would using hdparm? If so.. What are the steps involved?



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