multiple arrays and unmapped partitions

Lucas B. Cohen mlilbc at
Sun Apr 27 13:44:16 UTC 2008


Have there been significant changes or advances regarding the issue of
partitions not being mapped when more than one array is present in a system,
since Liviu Balan's message on the subject [1] last year?

With rc13 and rc14, depending on kernel version, either the first (2.6.18)
or second array (2.6.22 and up) get "missed" in my system (Intel Software
Raid on Intel P35 with ICH9R).

Aside from Heinz's reply to [1] (suggesting a kpartx-based workaround), I've
noticed that deactivating the non-mapped array *only* before activating it
allows the missing nodes to be created in /dev/mapper. (Something like
dmraid -an isw_di && dmraid -ay isw_di)

I imagine the "use kpartx instead of my own DOS metadata format handler"
item in rc14's TODO is relevant to this.

In case it can be of use, the output of "dmraid -rD" for my system is
accessible at [2].

Any insight is appreciated, as I'm having a hard time finding relevant
information on this problem elsewhere.


Lucas Cohen


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