Dmraid development status - 1.0.0rc15?

Antti Mäkelä zarhan at
Sun Aug 31 17:46:35 UTC 2008


   Anyone know when is dmraid 1.0.0rc15 going to be released? I'm 
especially interested about the Intel RAID5 rebuild support and also the 
(apparent) RAID10 support - at least it's hinted to in the sources. (I'm 
running a Intel Matrix setup where I have most of my system - both Linux 
and Windows - in a RAID5 and swap/temp on RAID0.) shows that
last changes were 2 months ago...when will it be released?

   Also, kernel patches for dmraid45 module (at stop at 2.6.25rc2 - at 
the moment I'm running kernel 2.6.24 and it works, but if I ever need to 
upgrade kernel - what am I supposed to do? Can dmraid utilize the kernel's 
own raid456 module and doesn't need patches anymore? Or what is the 


- Antti

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