dmraid, Your advise Opinion guidance

Sal Brizuela sal at
Tue Jul 8 18:56:51 UTC 2008

First my apologies to Mr Heinz, I send the following request to his
personal e-mail account, my bad.

My name is Sal Brizuela, I live in Coban, Guatemala.

First I hope not to impose on you with this question and the lack of
proper technical language on my part.

Question is:
Can I use dmraid in a clean install (new equipment that has not had a
OS install)to see if the application I am trying to installed
called: ClarkConnect Server and Gateway based on Red Hat Enterprise
Linux 4 can detect the hardware I am trying to use?

This issue is of my own creation as I failed to do my homework / reserch
correctly prior to buying the equipment that I am trying to use and I
have a compatibility issue.

If there is a distant possibility of having success I am willing to try
and will follow your directions that I found at the following URL:

Thank you in advance for your reply
Sal Brizuela

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