Remove HW RAID /dev/dm-0 device

Jack Palmadesso jack.palmadesso at
Sat Mar 1 15:37:48 UTC 2008

Yesterday I set up a Promise hw raid controller in my FC8_64 system. I ended
up returning it but before I removed it I initialized 2 drives into a RAID0
setup. Now that the controller is gone my system is complaining about
/dev/mapper. I ended up clearing this by booting into rescue and
initializing the 2 drives I had setup with the controller. The system is
happy again but when I do an fdisk -l I still show a /dev/dm-0 device. My
question is how can I initialize the drives without booting to rescue mode ?
And how can I get rid of the /dev/dm-0 device ?

dmraid still shows the 2 devices. I've initialized and formatted both but it
won't go away.
# dmraid -r
ERROR: asr: Invalid magic number in RAID table; saw 0x0, expected 0x900765C4
on /dev/sda
/dev/sdb: pdc, "pdc_bicfbbcgbh", stripe, ok, 312450720 sectors, data@ 0
/dev/sdd: pdc, "pdc_bicfbbcgbh", stripe, ok, 312450720 sectors, data@ 0
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