Problem with multiple arrays on Intel ICH9R

Daniel Guzman dacmaps at
Wed Mar 12 00:01:53 UTC 2008

My system: ASUS P5K-E, Chipset P35 and ICH9R, 4x Western Digital 320GB.
Kernel 2.6.24. dmraid 1.0.0.rc14

Intel(R) Matrix Storage Technology allows you to create two RAID volumes
sharing the same hard disks (
I am trying to install Kubuntu in my system, I can copy the files in the
disks but there is a problem when grub tryes to write the mbr. Grub is
unable to read the partition table if there is two RAID volumes on the ICH9R

When I created a RAID0 array filling the whole capacity of the disks, grub
can read partition table and setup the mbr.

If I create a RAID0 array filling only a portion of the total capacity, or
if I create a RAID0 and a RAID5 array on the same disks, grub can not setup
the mbr due to "Unknown partition table signature".

Is this issue related to dmraid?
Are multiple arrays per controller supported in dmraid?

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