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Hi Ignacio.

On Mon, May 05, 2008 at 12:38:46PM +0200, Oenus Tech Services wrote:
> Hi there!
> We're a small linux-only computer selling company. We're starting to 
> consider using dmraid for those motherboards that come with the intel ich9 
> "fake-raid" device. We've been some motherboards with good results. 
> However, dmraid does not seem to support rebuilding a degraded raid, so I 

This is still being implemented/integrated with the kind help of Intel.

> guess that in order to take full advantage of it we will have to use 
> motherboards that come with a rebuild function in its ROM utility until 
> dmraid can take care of that. can anybody please recommend some? (ASUS and 
> Intel would be my preferred choice since they're the ones we currently 
> bundle in our computers)
> I've just read in the archives Heinz Mauelshagen saying that he's planning 
> to have it ready after the RHEL5.2 release.

Still possible for 5.3.

> I know this must be a very 
> repetitive request (and I apologize for this), but is that ETA confirmed? 
> Again, I'm sorry to put this question on the table again, but our future 
> line of products depend very much on this issue right now.
> Thanks so much in advance
> Ignacio
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