isw brokenness

Phillip Susi psusi at
Wed May 21 15:29:24 UTC 2008

I am working on a bug report from a user with a 3 disk stripe set using 
an isw controller and have found an inconsistency in the metadata on one 
of the disks which causes dmraid to reject it.  Specifically, get_disk() 
in isw.c compares the serial number recorded in the disk section with 
the one recorded in the device section and fails if they do not match. 
The strange thing is that this users' other two disks match, but one 
does not.

I was wondering if this was developed with documentation from Intel, and 
are the numbers supposed to match for sure?  If so, would that mean 
there is a bug in this users' bios?  And would it be acceptable to 
disable this check as a workaround?  By the way, Intel's windows driver 
does not appear to care and the array works normally in windows for this 

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