Intel Storage Manager Raid 5 support

Antti Mäkelä zarhan at
Wed Oct 8 09:50:27 UTC 2008

On Wed, 8 Oct 2008, Peter de Groot wrote:

> Many tx .. However ... after spending a day fiddling and googling .. it
> appears that I need the version for
> 2.6.24-19 ... not 16 as per your post.

   Well, I originally installed my Linux back in May, so back then the 
available kernel must have been -16. However, read the whole bug report - 
at - and do 
ctrl+f for 2.6.24-19. There seems to be more hints.

   If you can find the original Ubuntu 8.04 somewhere, NOT 8.04.1 (that has 
2.6.24-19) then you can probably also follow the original instructions.

   I'm not running ubuntu myself but hopefully this will get you 
going...not much more I can do :)

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