Dmraid development status - 1.0.0rc15?

Antti Mäkelä zarhan at
Mon Sep 1 18:35:48 UTC 2008

On Mon, 1 Sep 2008, Heinz Mauelshagen wrote:

> Am Sonntag, den 31.08.2008, 20:46 +0300 schrieb Antti Mäkelä:
>> Hi,
> Hello.
> ASAP ;-)
> We're settling the Intel contributions to allow for set create, remove,
> rebuild and device failure event handling aiming fro F10 and RHEL5.3.

   What about the kernel-specific stuff - does dmraid still require it's 
own module or can it use the raid456 from main tree? (I'm running with 
Gentoo's kernel with your patch added in).

   My understanding has so far been than all that dmraid really does is 
some device-mapper magic that the kernel can use it's normal software raid 
functionalities on fakeraid arrays - eg. it just bootstraps the standard 
kernel drivers - raid45 has been a special case since even Linux's own 
software raid added support only recently. Or what's the deal?

   (At least the fact that I've run into some patches for dmraid that make 
it use raid456 instead suggest this...)

   Anyway, thanks for answers.

- Antti

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