Intel Software RAID and dmraid problem

Amin Amir Ahmadi aminamirahmadi at
Mon Apr 6 07:31:34 UTC 2009

Dear All,

I have a problem with dmraid and Intel Software RAID1 on Redhat Fedora Core
6. I setup RAID1 in BIOS with 2 hard disk and then I installed Redhat Fedora
Core 6. During installation Fedora recognized only one drive (device-mapper)
and was installed successfully. When one of my hard drives failed, I
replaced it with another one and I imported it into RAID array, the RAID
status in BIOS became "Rebuild" but during boot time I received kernel panic
message and my system could not load the operating system. For more
information I should say that my RAID Controller is "ICH8DO" and my
motherboard is "AIMB-764".

Best Regards.
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