Problem with kernel upgrade and dmraid (LSI megaraid)

Andreas Oster aoster at
Tue Apr 7 07:22:30 UTC 2009

Hello all,

I recently have run into a problem with a server of ours (HP DL320)
with a raid 1 setup. The system is Mandriva Cooker and currently runs
kernel kernel.h-2.6.27-desktop-0.rc5.2.1mnb. Now I would like to
update the kernel to a newer 2.6.28 version, but if I do so the
system does not boot because the root partition can not be found anymore.

I read somewhere that sometimes the IDs (lsi_xxxxxxxxx) change, when
changing the kernel.

Can someone explain to me how to find the correct IDs and what to change
to get the system to recognize these IDs.

Current IDs:

dmraid -tay
lsi_dbhcfghecea: 0 156301487 mirror core 2 131072 nosync 2 /dev/sda 0
/dev/sdb 0 1 handle_errors
lsi_dbhcfgheceap1: 0 803187 linear /dev/mapper/lsi_dbhcfghecea 63
lsi_dbhcfgheceap5: 0 8177022 linear /dev/mapper/lsi_dbhcfghecea 803313
lsi_dbhcfgheceap6: 0 147315987 linear /dev/mapper/lsi_dbhcfghecea 8980398

Thanks for your help

kind regards


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