Problem with kernel upgrade and dmraid (LSI megaraid)

Andreas Oster aoster at
Tue Apr 7 11:50:06 UTC 2009

Hello Luca,

thank you for the fast response to my posting. I will try to capture the
console output while booting and post it, but I have to wait until
after hours as this is a productive system.

kind regards


Luca Berra schrieb:
> On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 09:22:30AM +0200, Andreas Oster wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I recently have run into a problem with a server of ours (HP DL320)
>> with a raid 1 setup. The system is Mandriva Cooker and currently runs
>> kernel kernel.h-2.6.27-desktop-0.rc5.2.1mnb. Now I would like to
>> update the kernel to a newer 2.6.28 version, but if I do so the
>> system does not boot because the root partition can not be found anymore.
>> I read somewhere that sometimes the IDs (lsi_xxxxxxxxx) change, when
>> changing the kernel.
> this sounds very weird to me, i'd almost bet it is not the real reason.
> mandriva uses redhat's initrd, which i personally despise.
> but let's not be conecerned with my feelings, it suffices saying that it
> will store the output of 'dmsetup table' for your running system, and
> feed it to 'dmsetup create'
> the table will contain the major/minor number of the components of the
> array, if those change you are hosed.
> do you have any other devices connected to your box that could alter the
> order of "scsi" devices seen by the system?
> can you please boot without the splash screen and copy every line
> between the 'Red-Hat nash version xxx starting' and the panic message?
> A serial console would be great, but a digital camera or a sheet of
> paper and a pencil would do.
> L.

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