reverting to single disk

Bali g.balazs at
Sun Jun 7 19:39:44 UTC 2009

Hi All!

I've read some discussions about dmraid and now i know that 1.0.0.rc15 is
the first release supporting rebuild but it's still limited to Intel's
solutions. (At this point i would like to ask if there is any progress in
the support of rebuilding others like nvraid?) So, i have an nvraid mirrored
set working with dmraid perfectly. However looking into the future i have
the fear of a failing disk or desync ect. In that case the only thing i can
do (without loosing the actual system) is to revert to single disk (and for
further redundancy create/rebuild a raid set with conventional mdraid). Am i
right?  What is the best practice, what do you recommend for "reverting" to
single disk? I mean is it enough to replace root=/dev/mapper/nvidia_...1
with root=/dev/sda1 in grub for example and change fstab and mtab the same
way and reboot? Is there anything to do with dmraid?

Thank you for your help!

Balázs Glowacz
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