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RE: dmraid raid status sysfs

Dear Mr. Heinz Mauelshagen
I'm using a IBM xseries server with the LSI Logic MegaRAID card, with a RAID-1 (two disks) and I have booted it with the cdlive sytemrescuecd ver. 2.0.0

I have the problem with the dmraid since I can´t do the dmraid -ay command. When I use it I get these messages:

RAID set "lsi_cefcidgfeea" already active
RAID set "lsi_cefcidgfeea" was not activated
ERROR: opening "/dev/mapper/lsi_cefcidgfeea"

At this point if I try to list the directory /dev/mapper, the result is like this one:

ls -l /dev/mapper
rwxr-xr-x      2 root root         60 Apr 26 15:06 .
rwxr-xr-x     15 root root         60 Apr 26 16:05 ..
rw-------      1 root root         60 Apr 26 15:04 control

And there is any files more.

If I typed:

dmsetup -mkdnodes, the result is:

Please specify both major number and minor number.
Couldn't process commend line.

Finally the /var/log/messages (at tail) we can read a lot of lines like this one:
kernel:  [ 3721.490147 ] devcie-mapper: ioctl: device doesn't appear to be in the dev hash table.

I don't know what another thing I can do.

Best regards

Luis Martín Díaz
Automatización de Estaciones.
Sistemas de Información Cepsa EE.SS.
Avda. Partenón 12-14  planta 3ª sector C
28042 Madrid
Tlf.: 91 337 75 53
E-mail: luis martin cepsa com
Fax: 91 337 72 02

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