List of chipsets supported?

Harrison Bergeron harrison.r.bergeron at
Mon Jan 3 18:54:18 UTC 2011


I am wondering if there is a list of chipsets with which dmraid works.
 I am trying to put together a system that will allow the same RAID to
be used in both Linux and Windows, and would prefer not to have to buy
a separate hardware-RAID controller.

I have found on the web (in a Gentoo Linux wiki) that the AMD SB710
southbridge works, but it is not listed in the documentation.
However, the discussions of the SB850 southbridge seem to indicate
that dmraid won't work with it.  A discussion on a forum suggests that
AMD uses the Promise RAID firmware, but I have not found hard
confirmation of this, and this is made less likely by the two
different southbridges having different results.

The wiki which favorably lists the SB710 (also the SB750) is here:

The SB850 discussion, as well as the claim that AMD is using Promise
RAID code, are here:

Danke sehr,


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