Question about SCSI serial number retrieval algorithm

Staci Page danalmmp79437 at
Fri Nov 2 12:19:17 UTC 2012

Finally you responded! Lol! It is ok though b/c I'm just came to my house from work incidentally. So do ya figure that you would be up for a lil get together tonight or tomorrow? I'm free either day.

A bit about me, I think I'm cute, energetic, a little bit of a freak in the sheets perhaps.. I have a profile on this site w/ a little blurb about me and a few pix in case you wanna see what I look like.

And my cell # will be on there too, I didn't know if you'd wanna gimme a shout or not just in case I'm not your kind of woman. But like I said I'm free for getting something going tonight/tomorrow so gimme a ring if you want to get together. 
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