Question about SCSI serial number retrieval algorithm

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Fri Nov 2 15:24:15 UTC 2012

Hi again! Are ya any good at giving massages? Work is kinda killin me and I haven't had one in awhile.

I can host if you'd prefer, just let me know when is good for you. I have a flexible schedule and do online school in the meantime so I will make something work.

 I've got photos on this page if you would want to look. Do the screening thing and it'll give you my phone # and we can text or talk to get to know each other a little better. So far so good though!

I realize it is a little weird to do the screening, but a few of my girl friends who have met up on Craigslist turned me onto it since a friend of ours got raped when she met up with someone from another site and its worked out fine for them. I'm sure you see my logic. Send me a message so I know ya got my number.

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