dmraid: unable to remove ddf1 metadata with CRC error

Robert Osowiecki robert.osowiecki at
Tue Dec 8 12:51:38 UTC 2015


I hope it's a good place to submit problem with dmraid utility, maybe at
least Mr Heinz Mauelshagen reads this mailing list?

I had a bunch of 1T disks with following problem:

ddf1: physical drives with CRC 7FFEB6, expected FFFFFFFF on /dev/sdf
ERROR: ddf1: Cannot find physical drive description on /dev/sdf!
ERROR: ddf1: setting up RAID device /dev/sdf

>From my experience and from googling similar problems breaking
CentOS/RedHat installation , I suspected removing metadata with dmraid -E
might help, but it failed too:

ERROR: ddf1: seeking device "/dev/sdc" to 512104901378048
ERROR: writing metadata to /dev/sdc, offset 1000204885504 sectors, size 0
bytes returned 0
ERROR: erasing ondisk metadata on /dev/sdc

My coworker noticced, that dmraid tries to seek to position
512*1000204885504, which might be a bug caused by treating byte offset as
number of sectors.

Anyway, I manually zeroed those buggy metadata with dd, but I used dmraid
dump metadata feature to save them in case anybody wishes to see them.

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