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Subject: ANNOUNCE - BlinDIA Mini NetBoot ISO release, 15-08-20006

Hi Dear Listers,

We are very proud to announce you the immediate release of our latest
mini.iso, the mini netboot d-i CD.
It is now available at

What's new:

- first of all, we definitely fixed an annoying error message reported
by brltty: no longer "1 startup problem" msgs; it's now fixed!

- we also provide now a very clear beeeeep signal so that blind people
*really* know the CD is now booted and waiting for inputs

- we also come now with a major innovation, consisting of very short
cheatcodes entries, **max. 5 digits**; so
it's no longer needed to use entries like "brltty=MM,ttyN,TT.tbl"; have
a look at the isolinux.cfg file on the CD ...

- finally, we fixed a major problem who was still happening during
installation from within a live CD:
we fixed that big problem of having braille during the installation
while no braille at the 1st reboot; so you will now have braille
support even during installation as at your first session!

As you see, our BlinDIA Sarge installer is now quite debugged,
please don't hesitate to give it a try:


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