BRLTTY-3.10 has been released.

Dave Mielke dave at
Wed Jul 16 23:57:52 UTC 2008

Release 3.10 of BRLTTY is now available. It can be downloaded from BRLTTY's 
website, which is at:

Select "Download", and then "Current Release".

The major changes from release 3.9 to release 3.10 are as follows:

The core and drivers (excluding text tables) are now Unicode-based.
The DESCCHAR function now shows (if possible) the character's name.
Linear cuts no longer include newline characters.
Specifying the braille device as "serial:" now defaults to the first serial device.
Add a driver for the Braille Sense.
Bring the French manual fully up-to-date (was at 3.6).
Linux-specific changes:
   Don't unnecessarily wake up USB devices when searching.
Albatross braille driver changes:
   Correctly handle keys which send their code on both press and release.
Baum braille driver changes:
   Bind TL1+TR3 to the BACK funct5ion.
EuroBraille braille driver changes:
   Add support for the Iris PC keyboard.
   Add key binding to do Shift+Tab directly (dots 235 + space).
   New EsysIris key bindings:
      VK_L34 -> FREEZE
      VK_L67 -> HOME
FreedomScientific braille driver changes:
   New PAC Mate key bindings:
      routing key + left wheel press -> SETLEFT
      routing key + right wheel press -> DESCCHAR
General speech support changes:
   Add a preference for setting the pitch.
   Add a preference for setting the punctuation level.
SpeechDispatcher speech driver changes:
   Change the connection name to "main" (from "driver").
   Single character entry/deletion now always speaks.
   Try to reopen the connection if an error occurs.
   Support setting pitch and punctuation level.
Theta speech driver changes:
   It wouldn't compile with newer gccs.
Linux screen driver changes:
   Now works on big endian architectures.
   Add support for multi-byte character sets.
   Add the Charset= parameter.
   Add support for the right Alt key (AltGr).
PcBios screen driver changes:
   Add AT/XT scancode support.
Windows screen driver changes:
   Add the FollowFocus= parameter.
   Add AT/XT scancode support.
Text table changes:
   Rename no-h to no-generic.
   Rename no-p to no-oub [Offentlig Utvalg for Blindeskrift].
Contraction table changes:
   Unicode characters can be specified by value [\uxxxx].
   Unicode characters can be specified by name [\<name>].
   When the cursor is:
   *  On a word - it is uncontracted (not rendered in computer braille).
   *  Between words - the space is expanded.
   Rename the opcode "repeated" to "repeatable".
   Fixes to the English Grade 2 [en-us-g2] table.
   Fix the UEB [Unified English Braille] percent sign.
   Fixes to the Chinese [zh-...] tables.
   Rename zh-tw-big5 to zh-tw.
   Remove zh-tw-gb2312.
   Remove zh-tw-utf8.
BrlAPI changes:
   Now at release 0.5.2.
   Present a blinking cursor if that's what the user has configured.
   Install/uninstall "/var/lib/BrlAPI/".
Caml bindings changes:
   Install and uninstall now work properly.
Java bindings changes:
   Package the classes into org.a11y.BrlAPI.
   Rename the classes to remove the (now redundant) Brlapi prefix.
Python bindings changes:
   Improved error handling facilities.
tbltest changes:
   Added the -e [--edit] option for editing a text table.

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