A linux distro for newbys

Michael Weaver michael.weaver2 at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 1 21:29:45 UTC 2004

Could anyone suggest a Linux distro which would be suitable for someone
wanting to get started with Linux?
I would use the Modified Fedora only my Apollo synthesiser is at home I
think and not at my flat and I can't find the connector for attaching it to
the COM2 port or whatever it would be refered to under Linux.
I was going to bring my hardware synthesiser out of where I had it to use
with the Modified Redhat at the time before I had the problem findind the
end for the cable.
I tried running Orolux on my Desktop but it kept booting into windows and
this may be because I have a problem starting windows because it beeps and
tries to look for my phone even though I uninstalled the PC suite because I
was having problems with it although whether this caused my problem with
Orolux I don't know.
I put the disk in when I started my PC and it still booted into windows even
when I pressed enter to get past my problem.
Hope someone can answer my question.

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