Strange webmin installation problem on Debian Sarge

Travis Roth travis at
Fri Apr 2 15:13:51 UTC 2004

The Debian packaging of WebMin is a bit unstandard. I understand that it
includes several patches that aren't normally there.
The upshot of this is I haven't gotten it to work on Debian either.

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Subject: Strange webmin installation problem on Debian Sarge

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Hello to the list,
I try and try and try to install Webmin on my Debian sarge system using 
the .deb packages for Webmin, but in doing so, i get two at least for me

strange error messages and Debconf stops working.
The first one is: "Miniserv.pem: no such file or directory." This is
really strange, since Webmin should make this file itself. What 
could prevent an installation script, (or whatever makes those files), 
from making that file? The second error i got was the following: 
"Hostname: unknown host". This i assume means that the installation 
program looks somewhere and doesn't find a host name, this is strange 
since i've set my host name, at least i got a question during 
installation about what my host name should be, or am i missing 
something obvious?
Thanks for any and all help.
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