brltty 3.5 pre2 and tieman voyager 44

Dave Mielke dave at
Sun Apr 4 16:04:58 UTC 2004

[quoted lines by Krister Ekstrom on 2004/04/04 at 12:10 +0200]

>Try the following:
>brltty -bvo -dusb:
>The colon is important for some reason.

Yes, the colon is important. Without it, brltty will think you mean the serial
device "/dev/usb".

In brltty-3.5, all device specifications, strictly speaking, should be
preceeded by a qualifier, e.g. "serial:" or "usb:". For backward compatibility,
the "serial:" is optional for serial devices. The "/dev/" prefix is also
optional, i.e. a relative device path is assumed to be in "/dev". The following
four device specifications, therefore, all refer to the same serial device:
"serial:/dev/ttyS0", "serial:ttyS0", "/dev/ttyS0", "ttyS0". That's why "usb" is
interpreted as "serial:/dev/usb".

There are two ways to specify a USB device. The first is to just specify the
qualifier, i.e. "usb:", in which case the first braille display connected via
the USB which matches what the driver is looking for is selected. This is
usually all you need to specify. In case you have more than one USB display of
a similar model connected, you can specify its serial number after the
qualifier, e.g. "usb:12345". This will instruct brltty to look for that
specific display on the USB.

For the curious, the following drivers, in brltty-3.5, now support USB: Alva,
FreedomScientific, HandyTech, Voyager. The Voyager driver has been rewritten to
use brltty's new user-space USB core, and, yes, the FreedomScientific driver is
new and supports the Focus and PAC Mate displays. There's also another new
driver in 3.5, by the way, which supports Tivomatic's Albatross displays. The
final version of 3.5 will be released in another couple of weeks or so.

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