Looking for Better Ways to Configure Kernels.

Martin McCormick martin at dc.cis.okstate.edu
Mon Apr 5 17:15:44 UTC 2004

	I wasn't sure you could safely use a previous  .config and do
a build from that, but I knew there had to be easier ways to complete
this task.  UNIX people don't like to do repetitive things and they
tend to devise elegant solutions.  I thought my kermit script was
pretty nice after I would get it working for a given kernel, but it
doesn't transplant well to the next kernel and there is all that
merging and tweaking just to get it to run each time.

	Thanks to all of you for your helpful ideas.  I use Debian
Linux both at work and at home so I do keep track of two very similar
systems.  They are similar, but not identical so knowing about keeping
the .config file is extremely handy.

	By the way, I did read both Kirk's messages so I will be sure
to make the modules correctly.

Kirk Reiser writes:
>Yes it would get very tedious indeed to have to answer all the
>questions each time you unpack a new kernel.  What you can do is take

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