brltty 3.5 pre2 and tieman voyager 44

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Sun Apr 4 14:25:52 UTC 2004

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>[quoted lines by Krister Ekstrom on 2004/04/04 at 12:10 +0200]
> >Try the following:
> >brltty -bvo -dusb:
> >The colon is important for some reason.
>Yes, the colon is important. Without it, brltty will think you mean the serial
>device "/dev/usb".
>In brltty-3.5, all device specifications, strictly speaking, should be
>preceeded by a qualifier, e.g. "serial:" or "usb:". For backward 
>the "serial:" is optional for serial devices. The "/dev/" prefix is also
>optional, i.e. a relative device path is assumed to be in "/dev". The 
>four device specifications, therefore, all refer to the same serial device:
>"serial:/dev/ttyS0", "serial:ttyS0", "/dev/ttyS0", "ttyS0". That's why 
>"usb" is
>interpreted as "serial:/dev/usb".
>There are two ways to specify a USB device. The first is to just specify the
>qualifier, i.e. "usb:", in which case the first braille display connected via
>the USB which matches what the driver is looking for is selected. This is
>usually all you need to specify. In case you have more than one USB display of
>a similar model connected, you can specify its serial number after the
>qualifier, e.g. "usb:12345". This will instruct brltty to look for that
>specific display on the USB.
>For the curious, the following drivers, in brltty-3.5, now support USB: Alva,
>FreedomScientific, HandyTech, Voyager. The Voyager driver has been 
>rewritten to
>use brltty's new user-space USB core, and, yes, the FreedomScientific 
>driver is
>new and supports the Focus and PAC Mate displays. There's also another new
>driver in 3.5, by the way, which supports Tivomatic's Albatross displays. The
>final version of 3.5 will be released in another couple of weeks or so.
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