Filling out PDF forms?

Mario Lang mlang at
Wed Apr 7 08:58:49 UTC 2004

Tony Baechler <tony at> writes:

> At 12:27 PM 4/6/04 +0200, you wrote:
>>Where I work, we have all the official request forms as
>>PDF and MS Word files on an intranet server.  Since I highly doubt
>>that there is a way to fill out MS Word based forms
> Hi.  Well, this is probably not an option for you, but why not convert the
> Word files to plain text and fill them out?

As you suspected, this is obviously not an option, neither for
the .doc nor for the .pdf files, since those are standardized
forms, and they are all supposed to look the same.
I can't just reduce these documents to ascii, and print them, since the
resulting piece of paper would not look as expected.

> Sometimes "pdftotext -raw" works better.  I have tried this with one
> pdf form and the output was useable, albeit in plain text.

Exactly this is the problem.  I need to edit the form, and
print the resulting file, but with all the Postscript magic still working.

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