Download tool for multiple files or wildcards in http

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Wed Apr 7 14:07:24 UTC 2004

This works, with two changes.
!. If you have a .wgetrc with your username and password, you don't need
to put the username and password on the command line.
2. Between the & and the @ sign in the sed command, you have to insert
.brf, otherwise you'll be searching for the file minus the .brf and you
won't find it.
I may be able to use this whole script in an urls file (still a bit
cumbersome but not hard with the yank command and at least not having to
enter a separate url entry for each volume) or i may be able to expand the
script into a program that performs this operation on a group of urls in a
file; will play around with that. For using what you've given me, I really
don't need to know the number of volumes in a book; if I include too wide
a range in the sed command, I'll get a 404 error for the files that don't
exist but everything that is there will actually download.
I think this has some real possibilities; thanks so much for your help
with this!!!


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