nopernicus related inquiry

Krishnakant Mane kkmane at
Thu Apr 8 09:38:23 UTC 2004

hello to all from Krishnakant after a long time.
things have been going quite well so far.
however I feel that I must now get going with some hands on the gui of 
I have couple of questions regarding nopernicus.
Firstly how is it working now.  how many people are using it?  I want 
to know how stable is it at the current status.
secondly, can some one kindly help me solve the problem of viavoice.  
what better alternatives I have except eflite?  I don't find eflite 
improving much.  but correct me if I am wrong because it has been over 
3 months I have tried using eflite.  I am using redhat 8 and am happy 
with viavoice and yasr.
but I am planning to switch to rhl 9 so as to get better leavarage from 
the system.  can some one help me either configure nopernicus on redhat 
8 or then please suggest some solution on redhat 9 so as to satisfy my 
requirements.  further more I am not going to go completely on gui.  so 
shell must still not be ignored.
please help 

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