[links 2] Very great improvements for blind people !

Nath nath.ml at free.fr
Sat Apr 10 14:44:44 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I'm very please to announce here that Mikulas Patoka, the links2
developper, has made on my demand very great improvement to links2
webbrowser to help us surfing the web more easily. 

These new features are the following :

- cursor moves one character when you press arrows : left arrow -> one
  character left, right arrow -> one character right, up arrow -> one
  line up, down arrow -> one line down.
- there are hotkeys 'a' and 't' to place cursor on bottom status line and
  to top line with page count and title
- when you turn off link numbering, links are prefixed with '~'  Input fields are prefixed with '>'.
- search does work --- instead of higlighting found text cursor is placed
  on it
- menus and dialog boxes are redone. They are over the whole screen and
  have one item on a line. In dialog boxes that have only text and buttons,
  you can move cursor on text with up and down arrows. Left and right arrows
  move to the next button.

To activate these new possibilities, just go to the Configuration menu
-> Terminal options and select the braille terminal item by pressing the
space bar. Don't forget to save the options in order to have these
features enabled the next time you will run links !

For the moment you will find the links 2.1pre15 source package on my web
space at the following url :


don't hesitate to contact Mikulas to thanks him or send him your
comments. His e-mail address is indicated in the Cc of this message. 

Don't hesitate to fwd this announce to others people which would be
interrested too.

Thanks again Mikulas !


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