Mario Lang mlang at
Sat Apr 10 16:48:21 UTC 2004

This looks like you somehow misconfigured Gnopernicus such that you have
an empty presentation type.  AFAIK, the two available presentation types
are "default" and "verbose".  Check the directory in that error message for
*.xml files.  However, I do not know off-hand where you need to set
the presentation type in use.
Hope that helps a bit at least.

°ª¥Í©ô <coscell at> writes:

> hi:
> I/O warning : failed to load external entity
> "/usr/local/share/gnopernicus/presentation/.xml"
> gnopernicus-ERROR **: File
> "/usr/local/share/gnopernicus/presentation/.xml" cannot be parsed.
> What's about above messages? How could I do? Thanks!
> Coscell
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