[links 2] Very great improvements for blind people !

Sergey Fleytin fleytin at rambler.ru
Sat Apr 10 16:44:51 UTC 2004

Hello, Nath and others!

I just downloaded and tried this new version of links. It is great
indeed! I use it with yasr and like it a lot. The only problem i found
that fast moving between links is impossible if 'braille terminal' is
on. Though this problem can be easily solved by adding a new key
sequences for this. Unfortunately i can't find how to change
keybindings in this version of links and i don't know if it is at all
possible. So if this minor problem will be corrected then we will get
a very cool console based browser!

Thank you for your efforts to make it possible.

With best regards,

Sergei Fleytin.

>>>>> "N" == Nath  <nath.ml at free.fr> writes:

N> Hello all, I'm very please to announce here that Mikulas Patoka,
N> the links2 developper, has made on my demand very great improvement
N> to links2 webbrowser to help us surfing the web more easily.

N> These new features are the following :

N> - cursor moves one character when you press arrows : left arrow ->
N>   one character left, right arrow -> one character right, up arrow
N>   -> one line up, down arrow -> one line down.
N> - there are hotkeys 'a' and 't' to place cursor on bottom status
N>   line and to top line with page count and title
N> - when you turn off link numbering, links are prefixed with '~'
N>   Input fields are prefixed with '>'.
N> - search does work --- instead of higlighting found text cursor is
N>   placed on it
N> - menus and dialog boxes are redone. They are over the whole screen
N>   and have one item on a line. In dialog boxes that have only text
N>   and buttons, you can move cursor on text with up and down arrows.
N>   Left and right arrows move to the next button.

N> To activate these new possibilities, just go to the Configuration
N> menu
-> Terminal options and select the braille terminal item by pressing
-> the
N> space bar. Don't forget to save the options in order to have these
N> features enabled the next time you will run links !

N> For the moment you will find the links 2.1pre15 source package on
N> my web space at the following url :

N> http://nathx.free.fr/links/links-2.1pre15.tar.gz

N> don't hesitate to contact Mikulas to thanks him or send him your
N> comments. His e-mail address is indicated in the Cc of this
N> message.

N> Don't hesitate to fwd this announce to others people which would be
N> interrested too.

N> Thanks again Mikulas !

N> -- Nath

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