what should be used with nopernicus?

Krishnakant Mane kkmane at coolgoose.com
Sun Apr 11 13:03:10 UTC 2004

I am one of the members of the blinux mailing list.  A few days back I 
had posted a mail regarding my questions about nopernicus.  I am 
posting it again with some more and slightly different questions.
I am specifically going to install redhat 9 on a server and its going 
to be a web server.  Now I need to know if I can use nopernicus for 
prime time practical use at the site?
I also want to know what speach synthesizer I should use with 
nopernicus.  can ViaVoice be made to work some how with nopernicus?  
and yes I want to know if I am going to use it can it also run in the 
console.  otherwise I will use yasr.  And if ViaVoice can't be used 
then what is the alternative.  how good has eflite become?  last time 
when I used it, it was giving very bad output.
Please help me as this is very urgent.
I also send this message as a private mail to my friends on the list.  
Please send a reply as early as possible.
thanks in advance.

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