Fedora Core installer...?

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Yes, I know, it should have worked with the VA driver. It worked before. 
But, I don't really think that it matters. Do you think that the USB being 
busy is the problem causing the installation to halt?

/David R.
At 14:44 2004-04-12 -0400, you wrote:
>[quoted lines by David Renström on 2004/04/12 at 18:12 +0200]
> >Nope, the other Vario driver didn't work at all. It didn't even start up.
>It should've. Did you have your display in emulation mode 1 (which really is
>native mode)? If you are used to using the vh driver then you have it in
>emulation mode 2 (handyTdch emulation).
> >Maybe it's because I've got a bad cable. I don't know.
>Perhaps, but I doubt it.
> >No, turning off and on the display doesn't work (tried that the first
> >time). It actually looks like as if the BRLTTY daemon is actually killed by
> >Anaconda. Is there no way of preventing it from probing for mice on the
> >serial ports?
>You can add the option "noprobe" to the "text brltty=" line, but that disables
>all probing. I know of no way to disable just serial port probing. I've been
>trying to convince RedHat that their probing should skip open devices, but 
>don't seem to understand the generality and properness of this 
>Perhaps you could try "noprobe" and let me know how well (or not well) it
>wworks. I should add some notes to the web page about this sort of stuff.
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