Shaun Oliver shaun.oliver at
Thu Apr 15 13:37:53 UTC 2004

has anyone found any good cli apps that are able to do crossfading yet?
I'd love to be able to make use of this kind of feature when I'm doing 
my broadcasts on awesomeradio but, I haven't found anything remotely 
near what I'm looking for.
I'm probably asking far too much but I'd also love to be able to do 
dynamic compression and the like as well to enhance the quality of my 
stream somewhat.
\if anyone knows of such a beasty please don't hesitate to tell me to 
get nicked and find it myself. 
joking. nah seriously any information would be greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance.

Shaun Oliver

"I refuse to have a battle of wits with an unarmed person."
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