Links2, what directory am i after?

Nath at
Thu Apr 15 19:22:25 UTC 2004

Krister Ekstrom <crisekstrom at> writes:

> Hi  blinux-list,
>   I'm trying to set up Links2 and i want to enable ssl-support. The
>   problem is that i don't know what directory to look in to find the
>   correct stuff to enable ssl-support in Links2. I'm using Debian
>   Sarge and have installed openssl and Libssl-dev. Is there anything
>   else ssl-related i should install? In the configure help it says
>   that you should write: "--with-ssl(directory)" but as i say, i can
>   for the life of me not find that directory.
>   Thanks for any help.
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To have ssl support enabled try the following line when doing the
./configure step :
./configure --with-ssl=/usr/include/openssl

I do this on my Debian sarge and it work perfectly !

Hope it helps,


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