Gentoo + Voyager

David Renström david.renstrom at
Thu Apr 15 23:28:40 UTC 2004


I've been installing Gentoo Linux almost all day, and I finally have a 
working Linux distribution on my desktop computer! And, the good thing is 
that because it's Gentoo, almost everything is optimized for my Pentium-4 
processor... :-)

However, I've now been trying for several hours to get my Braille Voyager 
to work (been using a HandyTech during installation). But, I suddenly 
realized that there are no device files in the usb subdirectory of /dev. 
Why has it done this to me? How can I solve this problem? I guess it's not 
that complicated, but it's VERY late now and I'm going to bed. So, I'd be 
very grateful if anyone told me what to do now.

Kindest Regards,
/David R.

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