what distro can I install with braille lite 18?

Alexandre Alves Tôco alexandretoco at cosespseguros.com.br
Fri Apr 16 12:04:34 UTC 2004

    Hi friends, I've being reading many things about linux and I want to give it a try. So, if  some one could answer the questions below I'd be happy.
1)- What distro can be installed with braille lite 18? Some time ago I ran the zipspeak but it is a dos based distro.
2)- I know that there are distros that come with speakup. But as far as I know speakup doesn't use viavoice as a synthesizer. I prefer the viavoice instead braille lite. So, if I install a distro with speakup, will I be able to install viavoice and yasr and uninstall speakup?
3)- I heard that a system running speakup will not be able to run gnopernicus. Is it true? Does some one use speakup and gnopernicus?
4)- I know there are many graphical environments to linux (KDE, gnome, xwindows). Can I have one screen reader for each environment?
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