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Fri Apr 16 14:56:18 UTC 2004

Hi Travis,

I successfully installed the Gentoo 2004.0 distribution yesterday. My 
computer doesn't boot from the CD either, so I used the Smart Boot Manager 
that you can download from the net. I'm pretty sure there were releases for 
both Windows and Linux (as well as DOS...). When I boot using this 
diskette, I first hit down arrow six times (the fifth is for my DVD-R 
burner) and then Enter 3 times. I had to do alot of experimenting and 
rebooting to get the correct pattern... :-) You might be interested in 
having sighted assistance when you boot the CD for the first time.

The Smart Boot Manager URL is:

Hope I was of any help.

/David R.
At 09:47 2004-04-16 -0500, you wrote:
>Anyone have experience installing Gentoo on a machine that does not boot
>from CD?
>The preferred way to install Gentoo as I understand it is to boot from a
>live CD.
>However my system does not boot from CD.
>Anyone with experience in this matter?
>Oh, the system currently is running Debian.
>**  Travis Roth
>travis at
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